Study: Teens More susceptible to effects of concussions

A new study from Universite de Montreal neuropsychologist Dave Ellemberg found that the kinds of injuries caused by sport-related concussions affect adolescents’ working memory, the brain function that allows us to process and store short-term information and is essential for reading and mental calculation.

“For a long time, we believed that the brain of a child was more plastic and could therefore better recover from an accident or stress,” Ellemberg said.  “In recent years, we’ve realized that quite to the contrary, a child’s brain is more vulnerable.  Our research shows that children are as afflicted as adults by a concussion.”

In his research, published in the journal Brain Injury, Ellemberg says that the frontal regions of the brain are more susceptible to concussions.  These parts of the brain oversee executive brain function and develop rapidly during adolescence, which makes them more vulnerable to stress and trauma, Ellember said.

Ellemberg and his team studied 96 athletes in three groups: adults, children aged 9 to 12 and teens aged 13 to 16.  The participants underwent traditional neuropsychological tests that are used by the NHL.  Researchers compared those results to others from electrophysiology tests that measured working memory, attention and inhibition.

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